Latest coronavirus information

We have created some easy read information about the latest issues relating to coronavirus in England, including lockdown rules, shielding guidance and information about the vaccine. You can see information about these by clicking each of the buttons below.

We will be updating our guidance with details of visiting in supported living services and hospitals, as well as exercising with support and away from your local area, when there is more information available.

There is also more information and support relating to coronavirus further down this page.

Lockdown rules (PDF) Shielding advice (PDF) Vaccine FAQs (PDF)
Man being shown medicine with easy read instruction by a doctor in a hospital room.

Speak up for people with a learning disability

Many people with a learning disability are not in any of the priority groups that will get a potentially life-saving coronavirus vaccine soon.

This is unfair and puts lives at risk. We need your help to change this.

We've prepared a message for MPs, asking them to write to write to Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to call for all people with a learning disability to be included in at least priority group 6.

Fill in your details on our online form to send the message to your MP.


Talk to us

We know this is a difficult and unusual time. We're here to help.

If you need information or advice you can contact our helpline or if you can, have a chat on our online community

Contact the helpline Go to the online community

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