Who can have the coronavirus vaccine?

  • Children aged 5 – 11 who are at a higher risk of being very unwell from coronavirus.  This includes children with Down's syndrome, and children with a learning disability on the GP learning disability register.
  • Any child or young person aged 12 – 17.
  • Any adult.

Most people will be offered 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine, but some people with a very weak immune system will be offered 3 doses of the vaccine. 

Who can have a coronavirus booster vaccine?

Booster vaccines are only for people who have had 2  doses of the coronavirus vaccine (or 3 doses for people with a very weak immune system). 

If you are having any difficulties accessing your coronavirus vaccine or booster, we recommend speaking to your GP and/or your local community learning disability team first.  If would like some more help or advice, remember you can also contact the Learning Disability Helpline on 0808 808 1111 or send us a message, here

Coronavirus Vaccine

Jon Snow joins Ciara to discuss the coronavirus vaccine

Today on Mencap TV News, host Ciara Lawrence gives Channel 4 News newsreader Jon Snow a job trial.

To test his knowledge, Ciara asks Jon about the COVID-19 vaccine and how the pandemic has massively affected people with a learning disability.

Find out more at www.mencap.org.uk/vaccine

Hear from Dr Ranj, Amy and Harry

Dr Ranj, with help from Amy and Harry, is here to give some helpful answers to your questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

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