My name is Alex and I'm the Our Social Networks Project Officer for South Wales. I am an ambassador for learning disability.

I am currently working with Cardiff Story Museum to make their work and facilities more accessible. I am also hoping to raise awareness about this work with my peers.

On Monday 18 February 2019, my colleague Paul and I went to Cantonian High School to give a presentation about this work to a group of students aged between 13 and 15. There were about 25 students, with 5 staff members in the group.

We talked about the Our Social Networks project and visiting the Cardiff Story Museum. We wanted to get the students' views about how the museum could be more accessible for people with a learning disability.

Paul and I both delivered the presentation. We asked the students to listen to clips of our oral history interviews, which we'd captured so far. 

I explained what the museum is like and what it looks like. I also spoke to the students about what I do at the museum and what the museum tour will involve. We also talk about the access points to the museum, and how these can be accessible.

We found that actually many of the students didn't know much about the museum, but this was helpful as they were coming with a fresh perspective.

I told them that I would be doing a video for the museum about how to get there by foot. I think this will be good for people with a learning disability to know how to get to the museum from different directions.

I felt confident whilst giving the presentation and was able to talk to the students for a good period of time on my own and able to be clear about what I was talking about.

This experience has given me self-belief about how to do better when giving presentations to group. I feel more excited and positive about doing these again.

I can't wait to give more presentations in future. I also hope that this project and my work with the Cardiff Story Museum will be a success and will help people with a learning disability.

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