Tuesday 11 June: Smutslam 

I attended the Smutslam event in June, which was held at the Milk & Sugar Cafe in the Museum of Cardiff.

This event was a promotional event to get people to come to our pop-up exhibition for the following week and there were so many people that turned up. It was a fabulous night.

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere in the room, because I was with my work colleagues and I didn't feel alone.

I also enjoyed listening to the stories and it made me feel that any story about sex can be told and it doesn't have to involve physical sex.

Monday 17 June: Pop-up Exhibition

Young man in a classroom, smiling into camera

I attended the Cardiff pop-up exhibition at the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton in Cardiff.

I loved talking to the public, showing them around the room, what each object was and any other part of the exhibition.

The staff were very nice and kind to us whilst I was there. I enjoyed having the responsibility of looking after the exhibition. I enjoyed the whole environment of being there and able to say that I work for Mencap.

I felt very confident in helping people at the exhibition if they needed assistance.

Monday 17 June: Disastrous Dates

The Disastrous Dates events was a very good way to start Learning Disability Week 2019 by getting people to come to our pop-ip exhibition.

The audience told the stories of their disastrous dates.

We all had a great laugh and it made me more comfortable as the event went on. I wish I had told my story because it would have made me more comfortable telling my story to a big audience. I would have told my story in a bit more detail to make it more disastrous.

Thursday 27 June: Museum of Cardiff Filming

Group of people outside building on a sunny day

On 27 June I went to the Museum of Cardiff (which used to be called the Cardiff Story Museum).

The day was used for filming, to film an accessible route from the Cardiff Central Train Station to the Museum of Cardiff.

I felt happy whilst I was filming because I was walking with a person called Matthew Cooke and his Dad came too.

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