Woman stood outside Wrexham Museum building holding her arms out to the side

This summer I finished the last round of interviews with staff at Wrexham Museum, and I wrote a report about it!

My old supporter Gareth helped me to remember all the details, and we wrote down everything we'd learned about each person. I did this to learn about what all the different jobs at the museum are.

I also exchanged emails with Alex, our South Wales Ambassador, we arranged to have a chat on the phone. It was really good to hear from him and find out what he'd been doing. I'd like to have more contact with the other ambassadors in the future.

This month Paul asked me to find places in Wrexham for the scattered exhibition in September/October. I went to a few different places - I met with the Equalities Officer at the Guildhall who agreed to stay in touch with up. Waterstones agreed to have a poster and audio in their store. Ty Pawb agreed to put up posters and listening posts as well!

My I.T skills have also improved this month. I learned how to put a new entry on my online calendar and I'm now checking emails on my tablet.

I also travelled to Llandudno for a meeting with Anna. Will was also there with his new support worker Rachel, who I got to meet for the first time.

I said goodbye to Gareth in June but look forward to meeting my new supporter Hannah in October.

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