My name is Jane and I am the Our Social Networks Project Ambassador for North East Wales.

I am an ambassador for learning disability , working with Wrexham Museum to make their work more accessible , and to raise awareness about the project with my peers.

In this blog I am going to tell you what I've been up to this month.

Meeting at the Cunliffe Centre

I had a meeting with Nicole at the Cunliffe Centre to set a new date for my presentation (we had to change it to a different dat to make it easier for my Standards of Wrexham Services (SWS) group to attend).

It's a group of residents who have been referred to work with Wrexham Council's adult social services department. We made all the arrangements and decided to do a sign up sheet for the museum visit and for the Oral Histories. 

Nicole runs my SWS group at the Cunliffe, and she was really helpful.

Wrexham Museum presentation

I finished my PowerPoint slides! Gareth helped me the slides together; we used all the photos we took at Wrexham Museum. These slides will help to short other groups what the project is about.

Presenting at the Cunliffe Centre

I delivered my presentation at the Cunliffe Centre. My SWS group were there, as well as Nicole and Debbie who organise the group. We even had some of the canteen staff from the centre come along and watch the presentation too.

There were about 20 people there, which was a really good turnout. 

Nicole and Debbie filmed me on their phones. They will send the footage to us so we can share it with Mencap staff.

Oral histories 

We got 9 people to sign up to visit the museum! We also got 3 people to sign up for Oral Histories. 

I also spoke with my friend Lynn, who agreed to do an Oral Histories interview with me and Fiona.

Project ideas

I had another meeting with Paul and Jonathan at the museum, to go over all our ideas from the last meetings about my project work for the rest of the year. 

We also agreed to meet more members of staff at the museum and write down three questions to ask them about their work.

Paul talked to us about all the feedback Mencap got from the ambassadors talking to Bernie last year. We also talked about the pop-up exhibition, and found out more about that.

We're looking for volunteers!

We want to meet people interested in volunteering with us.

We have a number of roles available including photographer, transcriber, exhibition assistant and graphic designer.

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Our Social Networks aims to collect the stories of friendships and relationships experienced by people with a learning disability in Wales.

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