What’s it all about?

Get Arty! is about getting school children of any ability involved in fun art activities – inspiring and educating them through the joy of creativity.

It's also about helping to raise vital funds to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of people with a learning disability, their families and carers.

This new project, developed with AccessArt, experts in art education, ­has a simple aim: to get children enthused about art and more accepting of "difference" – and in particular, learning disability – inside and outside of the classroom.

Why we’re ‘Getting Arty!’

Everyone is unique in their own special way: whether it be through their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, appearance or personality. These are the things that make us who we are.

Children can sometimes find it difficult to understand these differences and we believe that Get Arty! will help break down barriers and teach children important values that will encourage their acceptance of others.

Get Arty! offers an opportunity to help children aged 5-11 better understand what a learning disability is and how it may affect someone.

All we ask is pupils please donate £1 each to Mencap to take part in Get Arty! so we can help support even more people with a learning disability.

Mae arna i eisiau cymryd rhan yn 'Get Arty!'

Cofrestrwch i gael holl adnoddau 'Get Arty!' sydd eu hangen arnoch i gael eich disgyblion i gymryd rhan mewn gweithgareddau celfyddyd llawn hwyl.  

Mae hyn yn cynnwys llawer o weithgareddau crefft gwych a syniadau cynllunio gwersi.

Cofrestrwch nawr
Two schoolchildren working on a craft activity together

Sut i gymryd rhan

Mae'n hawdd cymryd rhan - cofrestrwch gyda ni ac fe gewch chi becyn 'Get Arty!' rhad ac am ddim, sy'n cynnwys:

  • gweithgareddau celfyddyd sy'n hwyl ac yn hawdd eu cyflwyno
  • cynlluniau gwersi/cyfarfodydd boreol y gallwch chi eu haddasu i anghenion eich ysgol
  • adnoddau i ddysgu plant am anabledd dysgu - gan gynnwys fideo a chyflwyniad
  • syniadau codi arian a syniadau creadigol amrywiol eraill y gellir eu cyflwyno yn eich ysgol.

Fel dewis arall, gallwch ein ffonio ni ar 020 7696 6946 i roi gwybod i ni y buasech chi'n hoffi cymryd rhan a byddwn yn anfon pecyn i chi drwy'r post.

Cofrestrwch nawr

Get Arty! can be delivered as a whole school day, in an assembly, or individual teachers can run it in classes or in art club. It’s very flexible – Get Arty! can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.

What you'll receive

Once you've signed up for the Get Arty! pack you'll receive loads of excellent resources including lesson and assembly plans, posters, stickers and activity packs.

The pack will include 3 fantastic activity packs, created by AccessArt, which cover how to make a number of creations which we think pupils will enjoy.

Take a look at the first activity guide below, which shows how to make finger puppets:


Cymerwch gipolwg ar weithgaredd cyntaf 'Get Arty!'

Mae'r pecyn hwn ar gyfer gweithgaredd rhif 1 - pypedau bys.

Mae'n dangos pob cam o'r gweithgaredd, gan gynnwys canlyniadau dysgu a chysylltiadau â'r cwricwlwm.

Download resource

Complete our sign up form to receive the rest of activity packs and more Get Arty! resources.


Get your Get Arty! wristband

Show your class or even your whole school's support for Mencap by requesting our new Get Arty! 'celebrating difference' wristbands.

Collect £2 from your classmates for each wristband worn and put this money towards your fundraising total for Get Arty!

Email us at community.fundraising@mencap.org.uk and let us know how many wristbands you'd like and we'll send them to you along with a fundraising kit. 

Order now

How you'll be making a difference

By taking part in Get Arty!, your school can help Mencap change the world. Help us raise awareness of learning disability and funds for a fairer and more equal society. 

Although we only ask for £1 from each pupil, the more money your school raises, the more Mencap can do to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of people with a learning disability, their families and carers.

There will be lots of cool fundraising ideas in the Get Arty! pack, or alternatively, visit our Schools fundraising page on our main website for more information.

Two children in classroom holding art projects they have made.

Sut i dalu unrhyw arian rydych chi'n ei godi

Mae nifer o ffyrdd syml y gallwch chi anfon arian rydych chi'n ei godi trwy 'Get Arty!' at Mencap:

  • Anfon siec yn daladwy i:
    Mencap Fundraising Department
    Mencap National Centre
    123 Golden Lane
    EC1Y 0RT
  • Gwneud rhodd ar-lein.
    Gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod yn dewis eich bod yn rhoi rhodd ar ei ben ei hun a soniwch bod eich rhodd ar gyfer 'Get Arty!' yng Nghymru yn y blwch 'Buasem wrth ein boddau'n clywed mwy ynghylch pam rydych chi'n rhoi arian heddiw'.
  • Gwneud taliad uniongyrchol - cysylltwch â ni i gael ein manylion banc trwy e-bostio community.fundraising@mencap.org.uk neu ffonio 020 7696 6946.
  • Gallwch hefyd godi arian i Mencap trwy gychwyn tudalen 'Virgin Money Giving'.

About AccessArt

AccessArt facilitates high quality visual arts workshops and events to a wide audience and shares the outcomes in an evolving collection of high quality, inspirational teaching and learning resources.

AccessArt helped shape the Get Arty! concept and developed the art activities that you will find in the Get Arty! pack.

Visit www.accessart.org.uk, for more information.

Access Art logo

Get Arty! in action

Take a look at how some Year 3 pupils at Lamberhurst Primary School in Kent got in when taking part in Mencap's Get Arty! project.

Efallai y byddech chi hefyd yn hoffi